How GrowthMatch helped 8base level-up design and content in days, not months

A story about a $10 million Series A venture-backed startup quickly improving design and written content without hiring more full time employees

I love GrowthMatch. I’m confident their talent pool is high enough quality for me to invest my time in. I know I can fulfill a need quickly with excellent talent, without having to post a job and review tons of applications. 

Lesley DeCanio

Chief Revenue Officer, 8base


  • Matched to perfect-fit talent in 24 hours
  • Avoided days of time wasted sorting through applicants
  • Easily onboarded senior designer and senior copywriter 
  • Quickly and successfully integrated fractional talent into existing teams
  • Easy to add or remove contract talent as the business needs changed

Features Used

  • Matchmaking service to find and hire a freelance designer (specifically, a senior UI designer)
  • Matchmaking service to find and hire a copywriter (specifically, a senior technical copywriter)
  • Ongoing engagement support from GrowthMatch to maintain high-quality working relationships with fractional talent


8base is a venture backed startup based in Miami that created a low-code platform for building software. Their product enables developers, designers, product managers and citizen-developers to build powerful apps — in days, not weeks or months — with nothing more than basic JavaScript skills. With 8base, you can stop hacking together data sources, UI libraries and other application components—and ultimately deliver full-stack web applications faster and with less work.


8base is as fast-moving a startup as they come, with teams in the USA and abroad and a complex set of workstreams that deliver great product to tens of thousands of users. As 8base raised and successfully closed their $10M Series A round of financing, they needed additional talent to support their revenue teams.

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Lesley DeCanio needed to find excellent, qualified talent in a few categories to support her team’s efforts in driving rapid growth for 8base. In short, she needed to hire a freelance designer and hire a freelance copywriter. She tried posting jobs, but found it required a huge amount of her time to review applications and filter through volumes of unqualified applicants. 


Lesley and her team first turned to GrowthMatch for a senior copywriter, and within a few days, hired the perfect fit. He ramped up quickly and began delivering high-quality content that reflected an understanding of the deep technical nuances of 8bases’s product and market. They worked together for more than  a year until 8base was ready to bring on a full-time resource for content creation. Lesley says, “He was our go-to content writer. I had a lot of trust in him and he did great work for us that enabled us to grow faster.”

Meanwhile, the team needed additional design capacity. A simple glance at the 8base website demonstrates a high bar for design quality. The designer would have to hit this bar, consistently. Again, she turned to GrowthMatch. And, again, within days, she hired an incredible senior designer who continues working with 8base. 

“It felt too good to be true. How is he this good out of the gate? He never tripped up. He just kept elevating and over delivering,” Lesley says. “I truly appreciate his talent and his personality, and I’ve continued expanding his responsibilities. He’s really a part of our team.”


Today, Lesley feels like GrowthMatch is a secret weapon that she can use at a moment’s notice, to bring excellent, pre-vetted talent onto her teams. 

She now considers bringing on new talent not only when there’s a tactical need, but also when she wants to inject a fresh perspective. “We get into our own headspace, we think we KNOW exactly what needs to be done,” Lesley says, “But when you bring other members onto the team, it shakes that up…in a good way!” She continues, “Even just onboarding a new team member, where the team has to articulate things that are just in their heads, can challenge our thinking, can make us all rethink our assumptions. It refreshes the whole team.”

She particularly loves how GrowthMatch helps her browse before she buys. “There are times where I want to shop a little, to learn about exactly what type of talent I need given the stage we’re in as a startup. Even if I’m not ready to hire at that very moment, doing some discovery with a few specialists is very valuable for me. Then, when I’m ready to hire, I know where to find the talent I need.” 

Lesley also appreciates the flexibility of working with fractional talent. “It’s easier adoption—easier to bring them in to level up the team, do the engagement for as long as necessary, and then move on to the next specialist when the time is right.” 

I love introducing new talent and new perspectives into my existing teams, and GrowthMatch makes that incredibly easy. Not just with great talent, but with talent that is great for me, for the business, and our product. 

Lesley DeCanio

Chief Revenue Officer, 8base