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How our Giving Voice program works

Nonprofit leaders give themselves to their cause, and our Giving Voice program helps amplify their voice to build more support and scale their impact.

For every 10 customers who sign up for GrowthMatch, we open a new space in our program and gift a free account to a new nonprofit leader from our applicant pool. 

We help them develop a content strategy, define the right messaging pillars and create ongoing monthly video content for an entire year. 

At the end of the year, they can re-apply to keep their content program going, or they can choose to open their slot to a new nonprofit leader. 

Yes. We launched our program in late 2023 and are recruiting and onboarding nonprofit leaders. We review applications on a rolling basis and add qualified leaders to our waitlist.

Yes. Each leader gets a complementary full-service GrowthMatch account for one full year. When their year is up, they can re-apply to continue. 

Because we truly believe that every person has a unique story worth telling that can help and inspire others. Perhaps more than any other group, nonprofit leaders deserve to have their voices amplified so they can attract more support and scale their positive impact on the world. 

Nonprofit leaders can apply using the form on this page. Customers can nominate a nonprofit leader by emailing their GrowthMatch account manager, and we’ll reach out to ask that leader if they want to apply. 

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