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Our Story

GrowthMatch was created out of our founders’ combined backgrounds—in media production, strategic communications, and B2B growth marketing—and our experience building multiple venture-backed tech companies. But the fuel is our belief that every person has a unique story worth telling.

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Our Founders

Zach Fragapane Co-founder & CRO

I'm an experienced Founder and Growth Professional, and I've dedicated my entire career to building and helping high-growth startups. My specialty lies in consumer internet marketplaces and networks. I earned a double major in Finance & Mathematics with a concentration in Applied Statistics & Probability from Claremont McKenna College.

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Shelby Stephens, Co-founder & CEO

I believe true freedom means creating your own rules. I have a passion for helping companies grow and amplify their positive impact on the world. I’ve built multiple businesses, raised from top investors, and I love giving back by mentoring founders in Techstars and other top accelerators.

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