We believe our time alive on this planet is sacred, and we should spend it doing meaningful work with excellent people

GrowthMatch is a global talent marketplace that matches excellent, diverse freelance talent with opportunities to support growth leaders at vision-driven companies


Our Impact

We connect excellent people with opportunities to work with vision-driven companies. In doing so, we simultaneously:


1. Help companies make faster progress toward their vision of positive change, and

2. Help talented people build rewarding and stable independent careers


Our purpose is to help people apply their excellence so they can change the world. We believe that together, a team of excellent people can do anything. 

Why We Exist

Not everyone is driven to change the world. Maybe they’re happy being bored, or they’re simply satisfied with the status quo. 

That’s fine, for them.

The rest of us? We’re different. We see that every human has a unique ability to do great things. We know that humanity will thrive when we connect each person’s unique ability with the perfect opportunity to change the world. 

But, where do you find those perfect opportunities?

Around the globe, there are many thousands of conscious, impact-oriented companies working hard to realize a vision of how the world can be made better. 

We believe none of those companies should struggle or die, because we know the huge positive impact that even one of them can have. 

Imagine a world where every vision of how the world can be made better is fulfilled!

All of these companies need help in order to fulfill their mission and achieve their vision. 

That’s why GrowthMatch exists: to connect excellent people with opportunities to change the world by working with vision-driven companies.

We believe our time alive on this planet is sacred, and we should spend it doing meaningful work with excellent people. If you agree, please join us!



We promise to consistently deliver the very best talent that is dependably excellent, experienced and specialized—with multi-dimensional matching to help our community hire the best fit, quickly, every time. 


We promise to communicate and make decisions as humans, with genuine empathy and a soul you can feel. Our tools and resources help our community sustain high-quality, high-trust working relationships.


We promise not exploit or commoditize anyone, to treat everyone with compassion as the unique human they are, and to never let our desire for speed outweigh our commitment to transparency and service.


Thank you for your interest in our journey—we’ll keep it short. 

We’re Shelby and Zach, and for the past six years we’ve been building companies related to freelancing and the future of work. Through tough times and good times, including going through Techstars, we learned firsthand the extreme challenges of taking a vision for how the world can be a better place, and making that vision real. 

Through our journey, the brightest moments were the ones where we encountered true excellence. Not our own excellence. Other people’s excellence. The brightest spots were the moments when we connected with someone truly exceptional and experienced, who understood our specific challenges, and gave us the right help amidst an ocean of wrong. The instances where someone excellent jumped in and helped us do the hard work, right. 

Invariably, these people are adventurers, explorers who truly care about their craft. Team players, whose top priority is making a difference and serving others. Over time, we finally learned the truth that if there’s something you haven’t yet achieved, it’s only because you haven’t yet assembled the right team to achieve it.

And we realized we share a unique skill: the ability to quickly identify excellence and figure out where that excellence can be applied to make a positive difference.

The world is overwhelmed with mediocrity, with those who can “talk the talk” but don’t want to get their hands dirty, don’t want to do the hard work, don’t know how to solve the real problems. Over the years, we’ve wasted so much time and money hoping mediocrity would help us achieve our goals. Mediocrity never helps you achieve your goals. Excellence does.

Our calling was staring us in the face: to help connect excellence with opportunity. Specifically, to connect excellent talent with opportunities to help vision-driven businesses achieve their goal of making the world a better place. GrowthMatch was born.

Whether you are an experienced, excellent human who wants to get to work—or whether you’re a leader at a vision-driven company who wants to hire the very best talent—we hope you’ll join us in our mission to connect all human excellence with opportunities to change the world.



Shelby Stephens, Co-founder & CEO

Zach Fragapane, Co-founder and Chief Talent Officer



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