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How to Create Messaging for Your Business





Workshop Summary & Resources



Creating compelling messaging for your startup is equally important and (for most founders and team members) not easy to do. In this workshop, Will shares a simple framework for how startups can develop their messaging:


1. Start with Context Setting – this is a great way to get your team’s creative process started, and when integrated into a sales demo or content, helps your audience know you understand them

2. Nail your Positioning – Will shared a simple framework for developing your positioning, but warned that it will take some time to get this right. Be careful about how you select your category!

3. Create your basic Messaging – Will shared his “messaging house” framework for developing a simple message that should be consistent (although can and should be personalized by each person) across everyone in your company 

4. Craft stories that don’t leave out the emotional (Pathos) component


A few helpful resources that Will mentions in the workshop: