Shelby Stephens

You have a startup idea. What should you do next?

I recently ran a poll on LinkedIn. Here are the results: Below, I’ll share my thoughts while also unpacking the results.    First, it’s awesome that so many people, over 75% of respondents, chose “Study the customer’s problems.” This is

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Shelby Stephens

Introducing GrowthMatch

GrowthMatch is a marketplace where funded startups solve their most pressing product and growth challenges by connecting with vetted experts for live 1:1 working sessions

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Startups: Learn How to Speed Up Your Path to Product-Market Fit

GrowthMatch connects early stage startups with expert specialists who can help solve your most pressing problems and speed up your path to PMF. 

Consultants: Learn How to Build Your Business by Working With Startups

GrowthMatch connects specialized product, growth and technical consultants with vetted, funded startups to help solve their most pressing problems and speed up their path to PMF. 


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