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What is a Revenue Engine in Business (And Why You Need One in 2022)

This post recaps a workshop presented by tech sales and revenue expert Mike Simmons on the topic of creating a revenue engine for your startup, which requires the right balance of strategy, clarity, and customer development. Mike has worked with major and publicly held companies, including Intel, Microsoft, the Walt Disney Company, and hundreds of small and mid-sized enterprises. He has worked in the field for over 22 years and brings with him a long record of success in helping business owners break through their barriers and thrive.

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Shelby Stephens

You have a startup idea. What should you do next?

I recently ran a poll on LinkedIn. Here are the results:

What to do when you have a startup idea · Below, I’ll share my thoughts while also unpacking the results. First, it’s awesome that so many people, over 75% of respondents, chose “Study the customer’s problems.” This is the right answer for nearly all startup scenarios. There may be rare cases in which the other paths are better choices, but I have never seen one.

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Shelby Stephens

Introducing GrowthMatch

GrowthMatch is a talent marketplace where tech companies who want to increase growth hire vetted marketing, sales and design specialists for part-time engagements.

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Tech companies: Grow faster with specialized talent

GrowthMatch connects early stage tech companies with expert specialists who can help overcome your obstacles to faster growth.

Consultants: Build your business while working with vision-driven companies

GrowthMatch connects specialized marketing, sales and design consultants with world-changing tech companies to help solve their most pressing problems and unlock faster growth.


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